Fire TV stick

*** We carry fully loaded Amazon Firesticks!!

If you know what they are you can order at the bottom. If you don't know what fully loaded sticks are, then read on....

A loaded stick is basically a FireStick that has some added apps to the Amazon device. This is what enables you to get the movies and TV shows. Mainly, having a modded(fully loaded) unit is like having a real big on-demand video service, except you don't have to be subscribed to each TV/Cable channel's service to view. You are able to watch certain live TV channels, but its not exactly like having "free cable service", where you can turn to channel 500 for CNN, or 400 or HBO etc. Basically you will be able to access whatever shows are shown on those channels. You also will be able to see most sport/entertainment PPV events for free. There is no monthly fee for the content, you just need internet with Wi-Fi at your home. You will have several different addons to use to watch TV/Movies and ours will include the most popular ones.

You should consider buying from us because we will
warrant that it keeps working for at least 6 months. Free updates during that time. After that,  updates (if necessary) will be only $19.99. Our first sticks went 1 year without requiring a minor update.


Amazon Firestick  $89.99 (plus 99cents shipping)
Newest model with Alexa voice remote

As of 2-6-18 Availability:


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