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   Top 10
1. What? band new 2023 Release
2. NEG 4-30-23 at 5 Sisters
3. NE Groovers 2-4-23 Babylon
4. Backyard Band Heartbreak Hotel (2021 Release)
5. Backyard Band - BYB4Life - Street Drip - 2019
6. What? Band 2022 - The Crank Package
7. NE Groovers (2 shows) 7-30-22
8. Sirius Company 10-14-21 Capital Lounge
9. 2081: DJ PA Grown n Sexy Collection 2022 Vol 3
10. DJ PA Grown n Sexy Collection 2022 Vol 1 to 3

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CD bundles:

Here you can save on CDs by buying them in bundles
2019 Grown n Sexy CD pack Vol 2
2019 Grown n Sexy CD pack Vol 2 Direct Download! (Zip, Pdf, Apk, 1238 MB)
This CD bundles includes the following CDs:

Team Familiar  11-24-19 Anthem
JYB 10-4-19 Nypsies
What 9-21-19 Fast Eddies
Backyard Street Drip Fall 2019
Kim Scooby June 2019
Project DMV 9-15-19 Hashtag lounge
Mature Clientele 10-12-19 Babylon
Let it flow 9-13-19 Half notes
Vybe 6-28-19 Fast Eddies
Suttle summer 2019

Price: $39.99
More Info
2019 Grown and Crankin CD bundle
2019 Grown and Crankin CD bundle Direct Download! (Zip, Apk, 773 MB)
 This CD pack includes these Cds. Available for download or shipping:

Office Band 2-11-19 Redzone Blitz
Pump Blenders 3-2-19
Vybe 6-22-19 Chaeau
Junkyard 2-22-19 Nypies
Let it Flow 4-14-19 Half Note
Suttle Thoughts 4-25-19 La Fontaine Bleue
Team Familiar 5-5-19 Uproar 2019
R n S Project 2-16-19

Price: $34.99
More Info
2018 Bounce Beat CD pack
2018 Bounce Beat CD pack Direct Download! (Zip, 946 MB)
Bounce Beat music pack

15 CDs from 2018 in this gogo pack:

ABM, Ambition, Drama Squad, Heavy Impact, Highly Crea8tive, High Quality band, Renegade, TOP, Tru expressions and more including an unlreased bounce beat CD for 2018!!!!

Price: $25.99

More Info
2017 Vybe CD Mega Pack
2017 Vybe CD Mega Pack Direct Download! (Zip, 578 MB)
 This CD Bundle contains these Vybe CDs:

Oct 2017 Deep Creek

2017 Blyss Club

2017 Telly Town

4-7-17 Decoy Lounge

2017 Fast Eddies with Kim Scott

2017 Fast Eddies with Suga Bear

1-7-17 Meek Lounge

Price: $28.99
More Info
NE Groovers 2017 GoGo Pack
NE Groovers 2017 GoGo Pack Direct Download! (Zip, 648 MB)
 6 CD pack of NEG 2017

10-28-17 Fast Eddies

10-22-17 Babylon

10-08-17 Fast Eddies

7-2-17 Fast Eddies

7-3-17 Babylon

5-3-17 Babylon

Price: $28.99
More Info
2017 Grown and Sexy Pack
2017 Grown and Sexy Pack Direct Download! (Zip, 959 MB)
This CD bundles comes with these CDs:

Suttle 3-18-17
Prophecy 3-19-17
Bela Dona winter Half Notes
What band 12-31-16 Fast Eddies
Backyard Still in the Game
Project 71  1-2-17 Martinis
All-N-Band  Jan 2017

And 2 bonus CDs!!!

Price: $29.99
More Info
2016 Grown n Crankin part 2
2016 Grown n Crankin part 2 Direct Download! (Zip, 956 MB)
This pack contains these CDS:

NEG  7-3-16  Jefferson VA

Project 71 July 2016

Junkyard  May 2016  Nypsies 

EU August 2016

Vybe Sept 2016 Takoma Station 

What Band  10-20-16  Martinis

Let it Flow  11-26-16 Hyatt Regency

Finesse 2016 Aqua Club

Bands of Brothers 2016 at Beer 4 U

Price: $29.99
More Info
2016 Grown N Crankin pack
2016 Grown N Crankin pack Direct Download! (Zip, 1070 MB)

NEG  4-8-6 club 16
NEG 1-17-16 feat Scarface
Project 71  March 2016
Da Mixx Jan 2016
Vybe band Jan 2016
BYB Street Antidote 2016

plus 2 bonus CDs!

Price: $29.99
More Info
Suttle Thoughts 2015 CD Pack
Suttle Thoughts 2015 CD Pack Direct Download! (Zip, 540 MB)
Includes these CDs:

10-4-15 Eclipse

9-00-15 Martinis

8-29-15 West Virgina

4-18-15 Ocean city

4-2-15 Martinis

2015 Martinis


Price: $25.99
More Info
Vybe 2015 CD pack
Vybe 2015 CD pack Direct Download! (Zip, 752 MB)
All 2015 Vybe CDs up to October 2015. 6 CDs included
Price: $27.99
More Info
2015 Grown n Crankin CD pack Volume 2 Direct Download! (Zip, 1033 MB)
Bundles includes al these CDs:


Vybe  5-22-15 Thai

Project 71   May 2015

Suttle Thoughts 2015 Martinis

NE Groovers  5-18-15 IceBox

EU  5-30-15 Upscale Ballroom

Moolah Band  5-15-15 Mexican Lindo

Pure Elegance 4-18-15 Players lounge

Prophecy 4-24-15

All 4 U 2015 Thai



Price: $34.99
More Info
Old School CD pack
Old School CD pack
Your choice of 10 old school CDs. Pick any 10 CDs from 1975-1999 that you see listed on this site.

Please email us after placing your order if you choose download, so we can put together the CDs for your to download.


Price: $44.95
More Info
2015 Grown n Cranking CD pack Direct Download! (Zip, 925 MB)
This bundle includes all these CDs:

Suttle Thoughts  4-2-15 Martinis
Suttle Thoughts  2-15-15 Look Lounge
Project 71  2-20-15 Lamonts
Bela Dona  March 2015 at Maryland Live
Backyard Crank session 5
Faycez U Know  1-27-15 Decoy Lounge
EU  2-27-15 CIAA
Let it Flow  2-15-15  Look Lounge
Ms Yendy  4-4-15

Plus a bonus CD!!!!

Price: $39.99
More Info
NE Groovers 2014 CD pack Direct Download! (Zip, 718 MB)
This pack includes all these CDs:

NEG 7-5-14 Opera
NEG 5-31-14
NEG 5-17-14
NEG 4-00-14
NEG 12-28-13
2013 sample disc

Price: $25.99
More Info
2013 End Year Grown and Crankin Pack
2013 End Year Grown and Crankin Pack Direct Download! (Zip, 1831 MB)
This bundle pack includes all these CDs:

Mental Attraction 12-7-13 Big Mouth
Backyard Crank Session 2
Junkyard Howard Theatre 12-29-13
Faycez-U-Know 9-27-13 Decoy Lounge
Suttle Thoughts 9-5-13 Lux Lounge
Suttle Thoughts 12-13-13 Takoma Station
Vybe 11-21-13
Vybe 9-1-13 Lux Lounge
Trouble Funk Nov 2013 Howard Theatre
EU 8-21-13 Martinis
NE Groovers 12-28-13 Icon
NEG bonus CD
What 4-27-13 Icon
What 6-14-13 Club 1
OBX 10-13-13 Big mouth
Let it Flow 10-4-13 Society Lounge

Plus a special bonus mystery CD!!!

Price: $49.99
2013 Grown N Sexy pack Direct Download! (Zip, 1041 MB)
This pack contains all these CDs:

EU 7-12-13 feat Jas Funk
Vybe 7-18-13 da Zone
Vybe 6-6-13 da Zone
Suttle Thoughts 8-9-13 Takoma station
Suttle Thoughts 7-27-13 Club 12
Suttle Thoughts 7-11-13 Celebrity hall
Obsession 6-14-13
Steel 5-3-13 Big Mouth
Familiar Faces 6-29-13 Panoramma Room
Faycez U Know 5-22-13 Whiskey

Price: $39.99
2013 Grown and Cranking CD Pack Direct Download! (Zip, 1188 MB)
This CD pack includes:

What 3-6-13
What 2-8-13
Backyard 2013 Crank sessions vol 2
Suttle Thoughts 3-30-13
Da Mixx 4-27-13
Let it flow 3-30-13
Vybe 4-5-13 Cafe Asia
Faycez 4-16-13 Tradewinds
Dyverse city Jan 2013
Obessions Feb 2013
Mental Attraction Feb 2013

Price: $39.99
2013 Bounce Beat CD Pack Direct Download! (Zip, 605 MB)
Grab bag of different 2013 Bounce Beat CDs

TOB 5-12-13 Garys
TOB 1-9-13 Wow Wingery
TCB 5-5-13 Fur
TCB 1-18-13 Icon
New Impressions 1-18-13 Icon
New Impressions 2013 studio mix
No questions band 3-10-13
Dream Team 2-21-13

Price: $19.99
2012 Crank Pack Direct Download! (Zip, 680 MB)
BYB Dec Tradewinds
What 11-3-12 Marygolds
What 8-17-12 Marygolds
Junkyard Nov 16
Junkyard 3-9-12
All-4-U 8-18-12 Club Elite
Red Carpet band 10-6-12 Stonefish
Familiar Faces July 2012
Price: $30.99
2012 Grown n Sexy Pack Direct Download! (Zip, 813 MB)
Faycez 8-3-12 Love
Vybe 9-22-12 Stadium
Vybe 7-21-12 Takoma Station
Suttle Thoughts 11-12-12 Wow Wingery
Love District 4-9-12 CB
Familiar Faces July 2012
Let it Flow 8-30-12 Fontaine Bleu
Bela Dona July 2012
Red Carpet Band 10-6-12
Jammy Jeff n Friend May 2012
Price: $34.99
More Info
2011 Grown N Sexy CD Pack Direct Download! (Zip, 875 MB)
This bundle includes these CDs:

Bela Dona 2011 La Fontaine Bleu
Damixx 7-13-11 Marygolds
Faycez U Know 2-19-11 Elks lodge
Let if flow 7-3-11 Peaches
Obsession 5-7-11 MyPlace
Vybe 7-16-11 KOC
Yendi n the affiliated project Jan 2011
Total Recall 2011
and a very special FREE bonus CD!!

Price: $29.99
More Info
2011 Bounce Beat CD pack Direct Download! (Zip, 688 MB)
This bundle includes all these cds:

TCB 5-5-11 Icon
XIB June 2011
Reaction Summer Grind 3
ABM 2011
TOB 7-7-11
New Impressions 8-20-11
Dream Team 6-17-11 & 8/2011
High Quality
Heavy Impact 8-19-11
Drama Squad Aug 2011

Price: $23.99
More Info
2011 Go Go Crank Pack Direct Download! (Zip, 1132 MB)
This crank pack includes these CDs:

Backyard 1-28-11 Legends
Backyard Triple Threat
Raw Image 8-16-11 Marygolds
What 9-3-11 Tradewinds
What band 5-28-11 Tradewinds
Junkyard 30th anniversary 2010
NE Groovers 2-10-11 Club Elite with Bugs and Wink-O
Fam Faces live at Club elite
Plus a bonus crank CD!!

Price: $29.99
More Info
2011 GoGo Mix CD (conga) Direct Download! (Zip, 74 MB)
This CD gives you a sammple of the gogo music being played for 2011 from all the different gogo bands out there featuring: Backyard, NE Groovers,Faze 2, Faycez U Know, Reaction band, Lissen, Total recall and more!!
Price: $9.99
More Info
2011 GoGo Mix (Bounce Beat) Direct Download! (Zip, 118 MB)
This CD contains a compilation of bounce beat music from the different bands such as TOB, TCB, C2O, CCB, TOB, Dream team, ABM, Heavy Impact and much more!!
Price: $9.99
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