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   Top 10
1. Backyard Diamond Lounge 2021
2. What Band 3-19-21 Club One
3. Backyard Band Heartbreak Hotel (2021 Release)
4. What? band 4-1-21 El Rancho
5. NE Groovers 8-7-21 Firestation ONE
6. NE Groovers 2-6-21 Babylon
7. What Band 2-25-21 Club One feat ROE
8. CPU - Conga Players United March 2021
9. Junkyard 1-1-2021 Tendoori
10. NE Groovers 3-6-21 Babylon

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Collection of Mixes done by P.A. Pat
DJ PA Grown n Crankin Vol 2 Summer 2018
DJ PA Grown n Crankin Vol 2 Summer 2018 Direct Download! (Zip, Apk, 163 MB)
 Double CD set

These DJ PA CDs consists of singles from different bands from the summer months of 2018.

Band music included are from Backyard, Junkyard, Vybe band, All 4 You, All N band, ReaZon, Mental Attraction, Suttle thoughts, What band, Da Mixx, and more!!

Price: $9.99

More Info
DJ PA Grown n Crankin Vol 1 Winter Mix 2018
DJ PA Grown n Crankin Vol 1 Winter Mix 2018 Direct Download! (Zip, Apk, 163 MB)
GoGo Mix CD

Double CD!!


1. Se7en - Rise up
2. Se7en - Pocket socket
3. All 4 u - Drop off pocket
4. Bela Dona - Be humble
5. Team Familiar - Always in my hair
6. Team Familiar - Hear no see no evil
7. Vybe - Pocket
8. What - What they really want
9.  NE Groovers - Do something
10. Project 71 - Rays boom boom room
11. Project 71 - We got lost in the smoke
12. Vybe - Good god almighty pocket
13. Suttle Thoughts - Shining pocket
14. What - Slide
15. Damixx - Pocket

Bonus Track: BOE - Magnify (gospel gogo)

Price: $9.98

More Info
DJ PA Conga 4
DJ PA Conga 4 Direct Download! (Zip, 109 MB)
A collection of conga sockets, pockets, and rollouts.

Released Summer 2014

Features various gogo conga players

Price: $9.99
Congo Pockets, Sockets, and Solos part 1 Direct Download! (Zip, 59 MB)
1. Hotsauce of BYB long solo, 2. Smoke of NEG solo, 3. Hot sauce BYB solo, 4. Hot sauce solo, Buggy drum solo, 5. Smoke of NEG solo part 2, 6. Smoke (cont), 7. JYB crank that part - Smoke & Wink, 8. Go Go Mickey of RE, 9. Lil Boogie of Pleasure with BYB, 10. Kenny of PU, 11. Mickey with RE ,12. Kenny of PU with HB
Price: $9.00
Congo Pockets, Sockets, and Solos part 2 Direct Download! (Zip, 74 MB)
1. Mickey solo, 2. BYB pocket, 3. BYB with Go Go Mickey, 4. Hotsauce pocket, 5. Go Go mickey solo, 6. Legacy band rollout, 7. What band w/Go Go Mickey, 8. Smoke with Legacy band, 9. Smoke solo, 10.TCB groove,pocket,& rollout, 11.Walker Reds with Suttle Thoughts
Price: $9.00
Congo Pockets, Sockets, and Solos part 3 Direct Download! (Zip, 84 MB)
Price: $9.00
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