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1. What? Band 2022 - The Crank Package
2. What Band 2022 CrankNation
3. DJ PA Grown n Sexy Collection 2022 Vol 2
4. NE Groovers (2 shows) 7-30-22
5. Suttle 1-1-22 Martins Crosswinds
6. What Band 8-24-21 Hangars Club
7. NE Groovers 8-7-21 Firestation ONE
8. DJ PA Grown n Sexy Collection 2022 Vol 1
9. A-Team 7-2-2022 Marlboro Ridge Country Club
10. Backyard Diamond Lounge 2021

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This is the complete band before the split 2005 split, and after the 2009 reunion
Lissen  2014  Reunion - CD
Lissen 2014 Reunion - CD Direct Download! (Zip, 139 MB)

Live at the Howard Theatre, the Lissen band back together.

Comes on 2 CDs

Price: $9.99
More Info
Lissen Reunion 2014 - CD Direct Download! (Zip, 139 MB)
Live at Howard theatre
Price: $8.99

More Info
Lissen 5-2-11 My Place Direct Download! (Zip, 86 MB)
Price: $6.99
Lissen 2011 My Place Direct Download! (Zip, 105 MB)
18 tracks
Price: $6.99
Lissen 11-3-10 Myplace Direct Download! (Zip, 95 MB)
feat. Sugar Bear, comes on 2 CDs
Price: $8.99
Lissen 10-6-10 My Place Direct Download! (Zip, 132 MB)
come on 2 cds
Price: $8.99
Lissen 4-10-10 Marygolds Direct Download! (Zip, 158 MB)
comes on 2 CDs
Price: $8.99
Lissen 3-26-10 Marygolds Direct Download! (Zip, 144 MB)
PLAYLIST: Dave hollister- one woman man, R kelly-body callin, .J foxx- 1 night, Extravaganza, T songz invented sex, Slim-so fly,Snoop- i wanna rock, T songz- say ahh,Uh oh/ drop it low/congo rollout, Run this town/ fiyayayayayyaya, she bad ,Beat it like a congo/shake it dont break it Dream rockin that thang like
Price: $8.99
Lissen 2-13-2010 Gold Room Direct Download! (Zip, 37 MB)
Feaures Lil Benny

NOTE: This is the second half of the show only. CD is approx 28min long

Price: $2.49
Lissen 10-8-09 Fountaine Bleu Direct Download! (Zip, 49 MB)
Price: $8.99
Lissen 4-19-09 Mirrors Direct Download! (Zip, 70 MB)
Price: $9.00
Lissen 2009 in Philadelphia Direct Download! (Zip, 89 MB)
R n B grooves
Price: $5.99
Lissen 8-26-04 featuring Slick Rick Direct Download! (Zip, 92 MB)
comes on 2 CDs
at Club U
Price: $9.00
Lissen 2-26-04 Direct Download! (Zip, 88 MB)
featuring Kanye West
Price: $8.99
Lissen Live 2005 Direct Download! (Zip, 151 MB)
Vol. 1 (comes on 2 CDs)
Price: $9.99
Lissen 4-3-04 Amazon Direct Download! (Zip, 104 MB)
comes on 2 CDs
Price: $7.99
Lissen 6-24-04 Direct Download! (Zip, 91 MB)
Double CD feat. Anthony Hamilton
Price: $7.99
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