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   Top 10
1. What? band new 2023 Release
2. NEG 4-30-23 at 5 Sisters
3. NE Groovers 2-4-23 Babylon
4. Backyard Band - BYB4Life - Street Drip - 2019
5. Backyard Band Heartbreak Hotel (2021 Release)
6. What? Band 2022 - The Crank Package
7. NE Groovers (2 shows) 7-30-22
8. 2081: DJ PA Grown n Sexy Collection 2022 Vol 3
9. Sirius Company 10-14-21 Capital Lounge
10. DJ PA Grown n Sexy Collection 2022 Vol 1 to 3

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TCB  1-3-20  Aqua
TCB 1-3-20 Aqua Direct Download! (Zip, 91 MB)
 19 tracks of music
Price: $3.99
More Info
TCB April 2019 Live
TCB April 2019 Live Direct Download! (Zip, 265 MB)
 Double CD show

30 tracks!!

Price: $3.99

More Info
TCB 11-11-18 Bravo Bravo
TCB 11-11-18 Bravo Bravo Direct Download! (Zip, Apk, 109 MB)
 Featuring Lil Lo (Polo's son) and Shooters
Price: $3.99

More Info
TCB  4-20-18
More Images
TCB 4-20-18 Direct Download! (Zip, 105 MB)
Price: $3.99

TCB 2-1-18 Manor
TCB 2-1-18 Manor Direct Download! (Zip, 115 MB)
 Double CD show
Price: $3.99

More Info
TCB  5-30-14  Icon
TCB 5-30-14 Icon Direct Download! (Zip, 99 MB)
Price: $7.99
TCB 5-5-13 Fur Direct Download! (Zip, 115 MB)
Comes on 2 CDs
Price: $6.99
TCB 2-17-13 The Fur Direct Download! (Zip, 127 MB)
Bo and Luv B-day jam Comes on 2 CDs
Price: $6.99
TCB 1-18-13 Icon Direct Download! (Zip, 99 MB)
New for 2013
Price: $6.99
TCB 9-14-12 The Scene
TCB 9-14-12 The Scene Direct Download! (Zip, 151 MB)
2 CDs 35 tracks!!
Price: $6.99
TCB 2012 new music
TCB 2012 new music Direct Download! (Zip, 49 MB)
Studio tracks

TRACK LISTING: Nasty, U go, Ass clap, Birthday cake, Dance like a stripper, Nikki minaj, Round of Applause, Stupid hoe

Price: $4.99
TCB 5-5-11 Icon Direct Download! (Zip, 148 MB)
comes on 2 cds
Price: $8.99
TCB 3-31-11 Icon Direct Download! (Zip, 101 MB)
featuring Wale
Price: $7.99
TCB March 2011 and January 2011 Direct Download! (Zip, 48 MB)
New 2011 Music!!

on sale!!

TRACK LISTING: Lay your head on my pillow, Make it rain, Ur Girl, No hands, Whip my hair, 6Ft 7,Bunny Hop Clap,Money Clap, She Nasty, Welcome to my Hood

Price: $2.99
TCB 7-2-10
TCB 7-2-10 Direct Download! (Zip, 155 MB)
7-2-10: We Still here - Double Disc
Price: $8.99
TCB 1-22-10 Scene Direct Download! (Zip, 114 MB)
Comes on 2 cds
Price: $8.99
TCB 4-2-10 Live
TCB 4-2-10 Live Direct Download! (Zip, 91 MB)
PLAYLIST: Ready, Halo, Barbie, 09 Bounce, Knock you down, Apple bottom, Bedrock, Over, Bouncebeat kingz, How low can you go, Pole party, Here we go,Like it like this, O lets do it, Hands up, 08 a$$ clap, Swag on, Walk dat walk, Rest in peace, Bust it wide open, Turnt up, You go girl, 2010 a$$ clap, clap slow bounce
Price: $8.99
March 2010 Direct Download! (Zip, 162 MB)
TCB 3-24-10 Club 24
comes on 2 cds
Price: $8.99
TCB 7-26-09 La Pearl
TCB 7-26-09 La Pearl Direct Download! (Zip, 128 MB)
Double CD

PLAYLIST:Daddy, Break up, Pretty wings, and a bunch more.....

Price: $8.99
7-22-09 Club 24 Direct Download! (Zip, 10 MB)
This cd only has 4 tracks and 6 songs: Daddy, Halo, Applebottom, Ego, and Day & Night
Price: $2.99
TCB 9-16-07 Direct Download! (Zip, 89 MB)
at CFE
Price: $9.00
TCB 3-3-07 Mirrors Direct Download! (Zip, 143 MB)
Club Mirrors featuring Roe (comes on 2 CDs) PLAYLIST: slow jam, buddy(musiqsoulchild), lost without you, freestyle rap over pocket, girl i want u in my life, twerk it, hey hey hey hey, drop the chalupa, boriqua, bounce beat, drop it like its hot,mike jones, Irreplaceable(beyonce),i got you, breakdown, London bridge, I want a girl,girlfriend, ice cream girls, take a picture, its your birthday, make that ass clap, Roe on the mic rappin
Price: $10.00
TCB 2-24-07 Thai Direct Download! (Zip, 97 MB)
Thai Club PLAYLIST: buddy(musiqsoudchild), Ima flirt(R Kelly), I wanna a girl, Flip the mode up,twerk it, get it girl, we gangsta, bump bump, oh yes, my humps, bubble gum girl, 2002, get it girl, i know a girl named daisy, im bossy, take a picture, you go girl, drop that twist that take it off, ice cream, make that ass clap(2006),choppa,got the bounce beat, heaven for a G
Price: $9.00
TCB 9-10-06 Direct Download! (Zip, 107 MB)
Live PLAYLIST: 1. s..e..x..(life joiont)2. where the cash at 3. 07 bobby and whitney 4. phattyback 5. mike jones 6. 2003 7. your freak 8. swing dem hips 9. drop that twist that (are u ready) 10. ass clap 11. shooter( lil wayne) 12. push it (rick ross) 13. london bridge 14. ice cream 15. permiscous girl 16. what u kno bout dat 17. girlfriend 18. my humps 19. girl go 20. Chiggy bum
Price: $9.00
TCB 1-6-07 Club Neon Direct Download! (Zip, 66 MB)
Price: $9.00

More Info
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