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   Top 10
1. What? band new 2023 Release
2. NEG 4-30-23 at 5 Sisters
3. NE Groovers 2-4-23 Babylon
4. Backyard Band Heartbreak Hotel (2021 Release)
5. Backyard Band - BYB4Life - Street Drip - 2019
6. What? Band 2022 - The Crank Package
7. NE Groovers (2 shows) 7-30-22
8. Sirius Company 10-14-21 Capital Lounge
9. 2081: DJ PA Grown n Sexy Collection 2022 Vol 3
10. DJ PA Grown n Sexy Collection 2022 Vol 1 to 3

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Backyard  Diamond Lounge 2021
Backyard Diamond Lounge 2021 Direct Download! (Apk, Zip, Url, 135 MB)

 Diamond Cuts  Vol 1

Price: $8.99

More Info
Backyard Band  Heartbreak Hotel (2021 Release)
Backyard Band Heartbreak Hotel (2021 Release) Direct Download! (Zip, Mp3, Apk, 367 MB)
 New Music

 New Double disc CD !!!

Feat Ralo, ROE, and Shooters

Also includes a bonus free live performance show!!!


Price: $9.99

More Info
Backyard 2019 at Public Bar
Backyard 2019 at Public Bar Direct Download! (Zip, Apk, 112 MB)

8 tracks
Approximately 60 minutes long
Released Dec 2019
Merry Xmas


Price: $6.99

More Info
Backyard Band - BYB4Life - Street Drip - 2019
More Images
Backyard Band - BYB4Life - Street Drip - 2019 Direct Download! (Zip, Pdf, 204 MB)
 Something for the Street

 Double CD show

 Feat ROE and Ralo

Price: $9.99

More Info
Backyard  9-28-17  Metro Club
More Images
Backyard 9-28-17 Metro Club Direct Download! (Zip, 136 MB)
 Double CD show
Price: $8.50
More Info
Backyard - Dec 2016
Backyard - Dec 2016 Direct Download! (Zip, 175 MB)

"Still in the Game"

Double CD



Wishing, Cranes In The Sky, Keep You In Mind, Brass Monkey, Backyard Zoo, Black Beatles, Broccoli, Socket Beat, Baby Phat, 93 Dope Jam


Because I Love You,This Is 4 My Block ,The Dippa, Girls Wanna Have Fun,Team,98 Dope Jam, Hook Me Up, Unabomber, 96 Dope Jam,Skillet,Trim The Tree


Price: $9.99

More Info
Backyard 2016 The Street Antidote (triple disc)
Backyard 2016 The Street Antidote (triple disc) Direct Download! (Zip, 322 MB)


1) Drag Me Down 2) Socket Beat #1 3) Baby Phat 4) Pretty Mamas 5) Wowzers 6) TEAM 7) 98 Dope Jam 8) The Dippa 9) California 10) Socket Beat #2 11) Hook Me Up 12) Fakin Like 13) 96 Dope Jam 14) Alright 15) 2011


1) Antidote 2) Back Up (featuring Killa Cal of RE) 3) Keep It Real 4) Rise 5) You Made The Call 6) 99 Dope Jam 7) Oui 8) Moolah 9) My Phatty (featuring Keke of RE) 10) Come Into My House (featuring Ms Kim of Team Familiar) 11) Skillet (featuring Shooters of ABM) 12) Spotlight (featuring Bo of TCB) 13) Hello


1) Sing About Me 2) Presidential 3) Sex You Back To Sleep 4) Love 'Em All 5) Backyard Party 6) Revolution 7) Socket Beat #3 8) 91 Dope Jam/Rock Me Amadeus 9) She Twerk 10) 93 Dope Jam 11) O-Cup 12) 97 Dope Jam (Unibomber)

Price: $9.99

More Info
BYB Crank Session CD Pack Direct Download! (Zip, 590 MB)
Includes all the crank session CDs from volume 1 to volume 5 . (5 different shows)

2012 to 2015

Price: $24.99
More Info
Backyard Crank Session 5
Backyard Crank Session 5 Direct Download! (Zip, 109 MB)
Released January 2015

Live from the Zansibar

featuring Killa Cal and Danny boy

Price: $8.99

More Info
Backyard  2015  Compilation
Backyard 2015 Compilation Direct Download! (Zip, 71 MB)
 Songs from different shows in the year 2015
Price: $8.99

More Info
Backyard - Crank Session 4 (August Release)
Backyard - Crank Session 4 (August Release) Direct Download! (Zip, 107 MB)
Released August 2014

Show is from the old W.U.S.T. (9:30 club)

Price: $8.49
More Info
Backyard Jan 2014 The Scene
Backyard Jan 2014 The Scene Direct Download! (Zip, 89 MB)
Crank sessions #3


Black Frost, Main thang, Waiting, Royals, All of me, Roar, Clothes off, Toko Spinach, Wowzers and more!!!

Price: $8.49
More Info
Backyard 2013 Crank Sessions Vol 2
Backyard 2013 Crank Sessions Vol 2 Direct Download! (Zip, 151 MB)
Crank sessions Vol 2

Comes on 2 CDs

Partial playlist:

My life
Wicked Games
Sweet thang
Golden time of the day
Best of me
Suit and Tie
Short socket

Price: $8.99
More Info
Backyard Crank sessions 2012 Direct Download! (Zip, 133 MB)
released Dec 2012,comes on 2 cds
Price: $8.99
Backyard 2011 Unreleased Direct Download! (Zip, 112 MB)
** Unreleased series ** Sept 2011 Tradewinds
Price: $8.99
BYB 1-28-11 Legends Direct Download! (Zip, 133 MB)
comes on 2 CDs
Price: $6.99
BYB 2010/2011 Triple Threat CD Pack
BYB 2010/2011 Triple Threat CD Pack Direct Download! (Zip, 294 MB)
3 CD set

Featuring Donnell Floyd, #32, and Raheem Davaughn

Good Morning Im Ready Cheat On You Different Languages Sweet Girl Say Something Baby Got It Good Pocket 1 My Chic Bad Body Snatchers ft. D.Floyd Window Seat Big G Freestyle BYB Still In Da Game Cool Get Money Pretty Girl Rock Gimme My Keys Back Keep It Gangsta All White Bricks Bullet Proof ft. Raheem Devaughn Pocket 2 Brass Monkey Clothes Off For My Block Baby Phatt Pretty Mommy Drop It Low Tokyo ft. 32 Fakin Like Hit em With the Flex

Price: $8.99
More Info
Backyard Band 2010
Backyard Band 2010 Direct Download! (Zip, 213 MB)
..:: The Last Band Standing: Drums, Pockets, and Guitars ::.. compilation. comes on 2 CDs
Price: $8.99
More Info
BYB 10-14-09 Tradewinds Direct Download! (Zip, 92 MB)
PLAYLIST: Warmup, groove, I'm cool, crucial socket, clothes, 1996,couple, tokyo, Hello (everybody), Shake how ya wanna, spotlight on buttcheeks, Tear the club up, Pretty girls, Caroline Hollywood divorce, Lil Mama, Rise, Fakin like, Skillet

Click mp3 player above for audo clips of this CD

Price: $8.99
BYB 10-10-09 Best Western Hotel Direct Download! (Zip, 80 MB)
PLAYLIST: Point of it all, Ledisi, Frankie Beverly grove, For my block, Poker face, Thong son, Im a star, Bricks, Baby phat and more!!

Click mp3 player above to hear sounds samples

Price: $8.99
BYB 9-16-09 Tradewinds Direct Download! (Zip, 104 MB)
Feat. Ms. Kim singing and ROE rapping
Price: $8.99
BYB 4-1-09 Icon Direct Download! (Zip, 106 MB)
Price: $9.00
20090211 BYB 2-11-09 Icon Direct Download! (Zip, 81 MB)

PLAYLIST: Slow james, Jumping out the window,Blame it on the alchol, Arab money, tap tap, crucial pocket, and much, much more....
Price: $9.00
20080800 BYB 2008 Ticket Direct Download! (Zip, 164 MB)
comes on 2 cds
Featuring Davd #32 and ROE and hits: Tokyo Spinach, Get Silly, Clothes off, Fakin like remix, Caroline, Hollywood and much more
Price: $10.00
20071000 BYB 10--07 Tradewinds Direct Download! (Zip, 106 MB)
with Rapper dude of What band and Roe
Price: $9.00
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