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   Top 10
1. Backyard Band - BYB4Life - Street Drip - 2019
2. Team Familiar 11-24-19 I gave my whole life
3. Backyard 2019 at Public Bar
4. Junkyard 01-24-2020 Nypseys
5. Junkyard 10-4-19 Nypsies
6. NE Groovers 10-26-19 Cancun Cantina
7. What Band 9-21-19 Fast Eddies
8. A-Team Fast Eddies 2020 feat the Yard Boys, Big G , Wensy, Los, Tbob, and KC
9. Ms Kim Scooby - Dynamic Duo - June 2019
10. Team Familiar May 2019 Uproar

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New Impressions:

New Impressions 2-3-11 Gees Direct Download! (Zip, 76 MB)
Price: $4.99
New Impressions April 2010
New Impressions April 2010 Direct Download! (Zip, 74 MB)
"Statement to the game" album. PLAYLIST: Shawty by da bar, Rock ya hips, Real live, Just like that, World without freaks, Nigga like me, Dont be scared, Once in a million, Statement to the game, Every weekend, Swing, Swagg 2010 bounce
Price: $2.99
New Impressions 1-1-2010 Greenbelt Marriot Direct Download! (Zip, 145 MB)
feat. Letoya Luckett (double cd)
Price: $3.99
New Impressions 7-17-09 Le Pearl Direct Download! (Zip, 38 MB)
PLAYLIST: 1. Its Alright/Socket 2. Go Getter 3. Rocking That Thing 4. Pure Columbian Bam Bam 5. Chicken Head 6. Ass Bouncing Like 7. Move Yo Body 8. Pop Yo Pussy 9. Head Down, Pussy Poppin 10. 08 Get the Rockin 11. Low (Slow Bounce Shit) 12. Model Walk 13. Ass For Days 14. Pick It Up (Unstoppable)
Price: $7.00
New Impressions 3-6-09 Direct Download! (Zip, 36 MB)
at Kemme Institute

PLAYLIST: Track 1. She Got Track 2. Whistle While You Work Track 3. Single Ladies Track 4. Every Girl Track 5. Ass Bouncin Like Track 6. Rocking That Thang Track 7. Put It On Ya (Snippet) Track 8. Im Losing It aka Pick It Up (Unstoppable) Track 9. Dem Jeans (Pop Your Pussy) Track 10. BirdWalk Track 11. New Sexual Chocolate Track 12. 08 Get The Rockin Track 13. Booty ( Donk) Track 14. Put It On Yah

Price: $7.00
New Impressions 12-12-08 Neon Direct Download! (Zip, 97 MB)
comes on 2 CDs
Price: $7.00
New Impressions 1-6-06 Neon Direct Download! (Zip, 58 MB)
Price: $4.99
New Impressions 2-24-06 Direct Download! (Zip, 56 MB)
Price: $4.99
New Impressions 1-22-05 Direct Download! (Zip, 36 MB)
Price: $4.99
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