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   Top 10
1. Backyard Band - BYB4Life - Street Drip - 2019
2. What Band 9-21-19 Fast Eddies
3. Vybe 6-22-19 Chateau
4. Team Familiar May 2019 Uproar
5. Suttle Thoughts 4-25-19 La Fontaine Bleue
6. Let it Flow 4-14-19
7. Sirius Vybe 2018 Society Lounge
8. Junkyard 2-22-19 Nyspies
9. Suttle Fast Eddies - Summer 2019
10. Junkard 9-28-18 Nypsies

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Newest CDs:

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All the most recently released CDs can be found here.

What Band  9-21-19  Fast Eddies
What Band 9-21-19 Fast Eddies Direct Download! (Apk, Zip, Pdf, 120 MB)
Price: $9.99
More Info
Backyard Band - BYB4Life - Street Drip - 2019
More Images
Backyard Band - BYB4Life - Street Drip - 2019 Direct Download! (Apk, Zip, Pdf, 271 MB)
 Something for the Street

 Double CD show

 Feat ROE and Ralo

Price: $9.99

More Info
Suttle  Fast Eddies - Summer 2019
Suttle Fast Eddies - Summer 2019 Direct Download! (Zip, Apk, 90 MB)
Price: $6.99
More Info
Vybe  6-28-19  Fast Eddies
Vybe 6-28-19 Fast Eddies Direct Download! (Zip, 80 MB)
Price: $8.99

More Info
Ambition  8-17-19 Valley Green
Ambition 8-17-19 Valley Green Direct Download! (Zip, 44 MB)
Price: $3.99

More Info
2019 Grown and Crankin CD bundle
2019 Grown and Crankin CD bundle Direct Download! (Zip, Apk, 773 MB)
 This CD pack includes these Cds. Available for download or shipping:

Office Band 2-11-19 Redzone Blitz
Pump Blenders 3-2-19
Vybe 6-22-19 Chaeau
Junkyard 2-22-19 Nypies
Let it Flow 4-14-14 Half Note
Suttle Thoughts 4-25-19 La Fontaine Bleue
Team Familiar 5-5-19 Uproar 2019
R n S Project 2-16-19

Price: $34.99
More Info
Vybe  6-22-19  Chateau
Vybe 6-22-19 Chateau Direct Download! (Zip, Apk, 161 MB)
 Double CD

Featuring Stinky Dink

Price: $8.99

More Info
Suttle Thoughts  4-25-19  La Fontaine Bleue
Suttle Thoughts 4-25-19 La Fontaine Bleue Direct Download! (Zip, 71 MB)
 They back!
Price: $9.99
More Info
Team Familiar May 2019  Uproar
Team Familiar May 2019 Uproar Direct Download! (Zip, Apk, 144 MB)
 Double CD show


1. Fall
2. Talk 
3. Got friends 
4. You
5. Nigga
6. Straight to the bar
7. Shot clock
8. Money
9. Ex
10. Otis
11. King of the go go beat
12. Body snatchers 
13. Uproar 
14. All the time
15. Chun Li
16. Mo bomba
17. Thank you

Price: $7.99

More Info
Monet Nicole - Don't Blow Me
More Images
Monet Nicole - Don't Blow Me by Hitmaka Productions Direct Download! (Mp3, 7 MB)
20-year-old Monet Nicole is a dynamic rapper, singer and songwriter. She is also one of the brightest up-and-coming artists in the music industry.

"DON'T BLOW ME" is Monet Nicole's debut single and her song is a carefully crafted new sound: a unique fusion ofGo-Go and Hip-Hop - that she likes to call "Go-Hop."

Monet Nicole was born and raised in the DMV and fell in love with with music at an early age. She is a naturally talented musician and soon began writing, composing and performing original pieces.

She was awarded a full scholarship to college and was earning honor roll grades when due to an administrative error (that was not her fault) the funding for her scholarship abruptly ended.

The experience was very disappointing, of course, but she has refused to quit or feel sorry for herself. Monet Nicole simply turned her heartache into passion and is working hard to establish a career in the music/entertainment industry.

Monet Nicole's charismatic personality, electrifying live performances and lyrical creativity place herand shoulders above the competition, and certify her credentials as a young, African-American, female boss.

"Don't Blow Me" was produced by Jeff Thornton owner and CEO of HITMAKA Productions, a premier music production recording and sound company based in Washington, DC and Atlanta, GA.

For more information, booking, etc. please contact: Jeff Thornton at HITMAKA PRODUCTIONS, LLC(202)549-0936 -


***This single is available as a download only. Please allow up to 15 minutes after you order  to receive an email with instructions, a link, and password, to download the music. For any issues, please email

Price: $0.99
Junkyard  2-22-19  Nyspies
Junkyard 2-22-19 Nyspies Direct Download! (Zip, Apk, 136 MB)


Price: $7.99

More Info
Let it Flow 4-14-19
Let it Flow 4-14-19 Direct Download! (Zip, 134 MB)
 double CD show
Price: $5.99
More Info
Office Band  2-11-19 Redzone Blitz
Office Band 2-11-19 Redzone Blitz Direct Download! (Zip, 88 MB)
 Feat Steve Roy and Pam Ward
Price: $7.99

More Info
Vybe  1-25-19  Decoy Lounge
Vybe 1-25-19 Decoy Lounge Direct Download! (Zip, 161 MB)
 double CD grown and sexy crank
Price: $9.00

More Info
Let it Flow  11-3-18  Takoma Station
Let it Flow 11-3-18 Takoma Station Direct Download! (Zip, 134 MB)
double CD show
Price: $5.99
More Info
Junkard  9-28-18  Nypsies
Junkard 9-28-18 Nypsies Direct Download! (Zip, Apk, 122 MB)
 Featuring Smurf rapping
Price: $8.99

More Info
TCB 11-11-18 Bravo Bravo
TCB 11-11-18 Bravo Bravo Direct Download! (Zip, Apk, 109 MB)
 Featuring Lil Lo (Polo's son) and Shooters
Price: $3.99

More Info
Sirius Vybe 2018 Society Lounge
Sirius Vybe 2018 Society Lounge Direct Download! (Zip, Apk, 202 MB)
Along with Ms Kim, Scooby and BJ

Double CD show

Price: $8.99

More Info
A-Team All Starz Vol 2 Winter 2018
A-Team All Starz Vol 2 Winter 2018 Direct Download! (Zip, Apk, 140 MB)

Featuring Showtime, Pretty Nikki, Damila, Rapper Dude, and 32

Price: $1.99

More Info
Junkyard  Summer 2018  Nyspies
Junkyard Summer 2018 Nyspies Direct Download! (Zip, Apk, 104 MB)
Price: $8.99

More Info
Reaction  8-31-18  Aqua
Reaction 8-31-18 Aqua Direct Download! (Zip, Apk, 100 MB)
 Fresh new music
Price: $5.99

More Info
Ms Kim Scooby 11-18-17  Babylon
Ms Kim Scooby 11-18-17 Babylon Direct Download! (Zip, 128 MB)
Price: $4.99

More Info
2018 Bounce Beat CD pack
2018 Bounce Beat CD pack Direct Download! (Zip, 946 MB)
Bounce Beat music pack

15 CDs from 2018 in this gogo pack:

ABM, Ambition, Drama Squad, Heavy Impact, Highly Crea8tive, High Quality band, Renegade, TOP, Tru expressions and more including an unlreased bounce beat CD for 2018!!!!

Price: $25.99

More Info
Let it Flow  7-28-18  Half Note
Let it Flow 7-28-18 Half Note Direct Download! (Zip, 157 MB)
 double CD show
Price: $4.99
More Info
EU  7-27-18  Fast Eddies
EU 7-27-18 Fast Eddies Direct Download! (Zip, 76 MB)
 Feat Stinky Dink rapping
Price: $3.99
More Info
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