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   Top 10
1. Backyard Band Heartbreak Hotel (2021 Release)
2. NE Groovers 2-6-21 Babylon
3. What Band 3-19-21 Club One
4. Backyard Diamond Lounge 2021
5. What? band 4-1-21 El Rancho
6. Junkyard 1-1-2021 Tendoori
7. What Band 2-25-21 Club One feat ROE
8. A-Team 12-31-30 in Atlanta
9. CPU - Conga Players United March 2021
10. Project 71 Fall 2020 at The Flats

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NE Groovers:

NE Groovers  2-6-21   Babylon
NE Groovers 2-6-21 Babylon Direct Download! (Zip, Apk, 185 MB)
featuring Jammin Jeff and Killa Cal !!


Wheel spin, All eyes on Rah, 20 minutes, Bring it back, Hey ho, Jammy jeff, Hold it now, Get busy, Get down feat Killa Cal, Kick feat Killa Cal, What a rush feat Killa Cal, Watch the breakdown, party with Smoke, Van Dammn, Ram it, and much much more!!

Price: $8.99

More Info
NE Groovers  10-26-19  Cancun Cantina
NE Groovers 10-26-19 Cancun Cantina Direct Download! (Zip, Apk, 145 MB)
Price: $6.99

More Info
NEG  11-22-17  Babylon
NEG 11-22-17 Babylon Direct Download! (Zip, 75 MB)
Price: $5.99

More Info
NE Groovers 2017 GoGo Pack
NE Groovers 2017 GoGo Pack Direct Download! (Zip, 648 MB)
 6 CD pack of NEG 2017

10-28-17 Fast Eddies

10-22-17 Babylon

10-08-17 Fast Eddies

7-2-17 Fast Eddies

7-3-17 Babylon

5-3-17 Babylon

Price: $28.99
More Info
NE Groovers 10-28-17 Fast Eddies Direct Download! (Zip, 81 MB)
Price: $8.35
NE Groovers 10-22-17 Babylon Direct Download! (Zip, 93 MB)
Price: $8.25
More Info
NE Groovers 10-08-17 Fast Eddies Direct Download! (Zip, 88 MB)
Price: $8.99
More Info
NE Groovers 7-2-17 Fast Eddies Direct Download! (Zip, 140 MB)
 Double CD show
Price: $8.99
More Info
NE Groovers 7-3-17 Babylon Direct Download! (Zip, 148 MB)
 Double CD cranking show
Price: $8.99
More Info
NE Groovers 5-13-17 Babylon Direct Download! (Zip, 126 MB)
Price: $8.99
More Info
NE Groovers 9-17-16 Fast Eddies Direct Download! (Zip, 74 MB)
Huggs B Day jam


Price: $7.99
More Info
NEG  2016 CD pack
NEG 2016 CD pack Direct Download! (Zip, 439 MB)
 This pack includes these 4 shows from NE Groovers:


1-17-16 State Theatre
2-14-16 Aqua
4-8-16   Club 1
7-3-16   Jefferson, Virginia 

Price: $25.99
NEG 7-3-16 Jefferson VA Direct Download! (Zip, 104 MB)
 Double CD show
Price: $8.99
More Info
NE Groovers  4-8-16  Club One
NE Groovers 4-8-16 Club One Direct Download! (Zip, 119 MB)
 New 2016 Music
Double Disc


Playlist: Where I wanna be, Pocket, Birthday, Goes down in the DM, Sound of Police, I roll with nigs who be bout it bout it, Van Damn, Bring it back, Lovely day, Pocket crank, We gettin money, Back it up Dig Dug, Dip, Pop dat ass, I can see clearly now, Like Mike, Head Crack, Smoke conga rollout, Off da muscle, Drop da bomb, Fight, I want to get away, Putcha dukes up and much much more!


Price: $8.99

More Info
NE Groovers  2-14-16  Club Aqua
NE Groovers 2-14-16 Club Aqua Direct Download! (Zip, 88 MB)
Price: $6.99
More Info
NE Groovers feat Scarface 2016 Direct Download! (Zip, 139 MB)
Live From State Theatre  1-17-16

Double CD show!

With special Guest Michell Blackwell

Featuring Scarface rapping several of his songs with the band!!

Price: $8.99
More Info
NEG feat Scarface 2016 - DVD Direct Download! (Mp4, 1241 MB)


 Double disc DVD


1-17-16 State Theatre

Price: $9.99
More Info
NE Groovers  9-12-15  Cafe 611
NE Groovers 9-12-15 Cafe 611 Direct Download! (Zip, 87 MB)
With Rapper Dude, Dave, Stomp, and the whole crew....
Price: $8.99
More Info
NE Groovers  2015 live at Fast Eddies
NE Groovers 2015 live at Fast Eddies Direct Download! (Zip, 77 MB)
With Rapper Dude, Dave #32,Kahri,Dig Dug, Stomp Dog, Huggs and the whole gang.
Price: $7.99

More Info
NE Groovers  5-8-15  IceBox (Reunion)
NE Groovers 5-8-15 IceBox (Reunion) Direct Download! (Zip, 145 MB)
NE Groovers Reunion
Live at the IceBox (The Scene)

double CD show
Buggy of BYB featured on 2nd disc


Stomp dog B day

Price: $8.99

More Info
NE Groovers 7-5-14 Club Opera Direct Download! (Zip, 130 MB)
32 Birthday Bash
comes on 2 CDs
Price: $5.99
More Info
NE Groovers  5-31-14  Icon
NE Groovers 5-31-14 Icon Direct Download! (Zip, 143 MB)
Double CD with new members Dave and Michelle Blackwell
Price: $8.99
More Info
05-17-14 Icon Direct Download! (Zip, 96 MB)
Price: $8.99
NE Groovers April 2014 Direct Download! (Zip, 78 MB)
Live at the icon
Price: $4.99
More Info
NE Groovers 12-28-13 Icon Direct Download! (Zip, 107 MB)
First CD release since reunion
Price: $8.99
More Info
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