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   Top 10
1. Backyard Band Heartbreak Hotel (2021 Release)
2. Project 71 Fall 2020 at The Flats
3. Junkyard Lounge 66 Sept 2020
4. NE Groovers 2-6-21 Babylon
5. A-Team Fast Eddies 2020 feat the Yard Boys, Big G , Wensy, Los, Tbob, and KC
6. Junkyard 1-24-2020 Nypseys
7. Backyard Band - BYB4Life - Street Drip - 2019
8. Junkyard 1-1-2021 Tendoori
9. Backyard 2019 at Public Bar
10. A-Team 12-31-30 in Atlanta

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What Band:

Rah the Rapper crew.
What Band  9-21-19  Fast Eddies
What Band 9-21-19 Fast Eddies Direct Download! (Apk, Zip, Pdf, 120 MB)
Price: $8.99
More Info
What  11-05-17  X4B
What 11-05-17 X4B Direct Download! (Zip, Apk, 119 MB)
 Rapper B Day

Featuring Derrick of Vybe and Scooby of Lissen

Price: $8.99

More Info
What  10-19-17  Martinis
What 10-19-17 Martinis Direct Download! (Zip, 99 MB)
Price: $7.99

More Info
What 9-7-17 Martinis Direct Download! (Zip, 84 MB)
Price: $8.99
More Info
What Band  4-27-17 Martinis
What Band 4-27-17 Martinis Direct Download! (Zip, 140 MB)

Double CD show

Price: $6.99

More Info
What Band  12-31-16  Fast Eddies Feat Big G
What Band 12-31-16 Fast Eddies Feat Big G Direct Download! (Zip, 130 MB)
Double CD show

Live at Fast Eddies featuring:


Big G and  Weensy of BYB, Earl, Bo of TCB, Cardel of  Misfitz and ROE

Price: $8.99

More Info
What 11-19-16 Cafe Asia Direct Download! (Zip, 93 MB)
with Rapper Dude, Michelle Blackwell and Killa Cal
Price: $5.99
What Band 10-20-16 Martinis Direct Download! (Zip, 121 MB)
The What band is back!!

With Rapper Dude, Killa Call. Michelle Blackwell and the rest of the gang!!

Check out this new double CD from there

Price: $8.99
More Info
What Band Unreleased Music - Sep 2015
What Band Unreleased Music - Sep 2015 Direct Download! (Zip, 116 MB)

This is NOT the Cd from the Sept 2015 Reunion, it is a Collection of never before released What band music from the past(From places like Senate Inn, Cranberries etc), that was released at the What Band reunion in Sept 2015

Double CD show

Price: $8.99

More Info
What Band - March 2013 at Legends
What Band - March 2013 at Legends Direct Download! (Zip, 102 MB)
 with Killa Cal and Huggs
Price: $8.50
More Info
What - NE Groovers Reunion - DVD
What - NE Groovers Reunion - DVD Direct Download! (Mp4, 2109 MB)
** This is a DVD(video) **

Live at IBIZA
November 3, 2013

**NOTE: Please be advised this is a large file. Please do not attempt to download unless you have a fast and stable broadband connection like Comcast/Xfinity/Fios. It is not recommended for you to download this video file if you have dialup or DSL connection. Mobile connections are not recommended as well**

Price: $11.99
What 6-14-13 Club 1 Direct Download! (Zip, 93 MB)
Price: $7.99
2013 What Band CD Pack Direct Download! (Zip, 529 MB)
What 6-14-13 Club 1
What 4-27-13 Icon
What 3-19-13 Wow Wingery
What 3-6-9 Club One
What 2-8-13 Legends
Price: $25.99
More Info
What 4-27-13 Icon Direct Download! (Zip, 95 MB)
Deuce 9 Birthday jam
Price: $7.99
What 3-19-13 Wow Wingery Direct Download! (Zip, 100 MB)
Grown and Sexy
Price: $8.99
Feb 2013 What Band Live - DVD
Feb 2013 What Band Live - DVD Direct Download! (Mp4, 710 MB)
** Please note this is a video DVD, not the CD

Price: $4.99
What 3-6-12 Club One Direct Download! (Zip, 128 MB)
Live in VA With TyTy
Price: $7.99
What  2-8-13 Legends
What 2-8-13 Legends Direct Download! (Zip, 111 MB)
** Live CD **
Price: $7.99
What 11-3-12 Marygolds
What 11-3-12 Marygolds Direct Download! (Zip, 149 MB)
Rappa Dudes Birthday party

Double disc crankage

Price: $8.99
What band 2012 CD Pack Direct Download! (Zip, 1016 MB)
Includes all the 2012 What band CD releases:

11-3-12 Marygolds
8-17-12 Marygolds

All from Tradewinds, all are double CDs

Price: $29.99
What Band 8-17-12 Marygolds Direct Download! (Mp3, Zip, 103 MB)
Live at Marygolds
Price: $7.99
What 7-14-12 NEW Direct Download! (Zip, 132 MB)
Live at the Tradewinds, double CD
Price: $8.99
What 4-28-12 Tradewinds Direct Download! (Zip, 171 MB)
comes on 2 CDs
Price: $8.99
What 3-17-12 Tradewinds Direct Download! (Zip, 162 MB)
double CD "Put ya Hoodies on for Trayvon Martin", R.I.P.


Sometimes I wonder Pocket Jg flow, it's a party Talk that talk I know you like it Whistle remix Single Razzle dazzle Party mode Happy birthday Know about it remenisce the rocket display funky hump remix how lo can u go chicken pot pies

and much much more!!

Price: $8.99
What 2-18-12 Tradewinds
What 2-18-12 Tradewinds Direct Download! (Zip, 158 MB)
The crank continues...comes on 2 CDs

PLAYLIST: Disc 1: Happy birthday, Buy me a drink, Reminisce, Say aaahh,Funky hump remix, Rock bounce, Feels so good, You a bad girl, The Throne, Flex remix,Razzle dazzle,Whistle remix Disc 2: I do, JG flow, and much much more

Price: $8.99
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