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   Top 10
1. Backyard Diamond Lounge 2021
2. What Band 3-19-21 Club One
3. Backyard Band Heartbreak Hotel (2021 Release)
4. What? band 4-1-21 El Rancho
5. NE Groovers 8-7-21 Firestation ONE
6. NE Groovers 2-6-21 Babylon
7. What Band 2-25-21 Club One feat ROE
8. CPU - Conga Players United March 2021
9. Junkyard 1-1-2021 Tendoori
10. NE Groovers 3-6-21 Babylon

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What Band:

Rah the Rapper crew.
What 4-28-12 Tradewinds Direct Download! (Zip, 171 MB)
comes on 2 CDs
Price: $8.99
What 3-17-12 Tradewinds Direct Download! (Zip, 162 MB)
double CD "Put ya Hoodies on for Trayvon Martin", R.I.P.


Sometimes I wonder Pocket Jg flow, it's a party Talk that talk I know you like it Whistle remix Single Razzle dazzle Party mode Happy birthday Know about it remenisce the rocket display funky hump remix how lo can u go chicken pot pies

and much much more!!

Price: $8.99
What 2-18-12 Tradewinds
What 2-18-12 Tradewinds Direct Download! (Zip, 158 MB)
The crank continues...comes on 2 CDs

PLAYLIST: Disc 1: Happy birthday, Buy me a drink, Reminisce, Say aaahh,Funky hump remix, Rock bounce, Feels so good, You a bad girl, The Throne, Flex remix,Razzle dazzle,Whistle remix Disc 2: I do, JG flow, and much much more

Price: $8.99
What Band 1-21-2012
What Band 1-21-2012 Direct Download! (Zip, 142 MB)
double CD live from the Tradewinds, includes 4 bonus tracks feat. TJ and JG

PLAYLIST: Super duper fly, JG flow, Lets go, Bounce with the hump, Dancing like that, How low can you go?, Buy me a drink, Loudpack, I feel good, Swag,Watch the throne, Flex, I do, pocket, I'll drink to that, What you know about it,Whistle remix, Rock n roll bounce, So in love, Drop it low,Crank session, Crystal skate

Price: $8.99
More Info
What Band 2011 CD Pack Direct Download! (Zip, Txt, 434 MB)
All 2011 What Band CDs:

all from Tradewinds

Price: $19.99
What 9-3-11 Tradewinds Direct Download! (Zip, 137 MB)
comes on 2 cds
Price: $8.99
What 5-28-11 Tradewinds
What 5-28-11 Tradewinds Direct Download! (Zip, 126 MB)
Comes on 2 CDs
Price: $8.99
What 2-12-2011 Tradewinds
What 2-12-2011 Tradewinds Direct Download! (Zip, Txt, 170 MB)
Fan Favorites Show

Comes on THREE cds

Price: $6.99
What 12-15-10 Club Elite Direct Download! (Zip, 50 MB)
This CD is approx 40min long.

PLAYLIST: Deuces, Ego, pocket, I wanna know, They wish they could, Look like money, We bottle poppin, Sponsor,Ima hustler, Its my birthday, Say ahh, Ride music Note is this a single disc show,which is only 1 set from this night. Total running time of CD is about 40min long

Price: $4.99
More Info
What Band CD Dec 11th,2010 at Tradewinds
What Band CD Dec 11th,2010 at Tradewinds Direct Download! (Zip, 106 MB)
This is a double CD show

PLAYLIST: [1] Right through you, What's my name, Power, breakdown, Killa Kal flow, Whistle remix, Don't let me break this thing down for nothing, pocket, Drop it low, Wocka Flocka, I'm an animal, No hands, Hit um with the flex (watch me work), slow bounce [2] Pretty girl rock, pocket, Start it up, Killa Kal flow, Whip my hair back & forth, Drop bomb, Duck walk, Wishing on a star, Smokers anthem, What's your phone number,She's coming, Falsetto,Razzle dazzle

Price: $8.99
What 8-28-10 Tradewinds Direct Download! (Zip, 101 MB)
comes on 2 CDs

Michelle Blackwells birthday jam

Price: $8.99
What Band 2010 gogo pack Direct Download! (Zip, 664 MB)
This pack will include all 2010 What band CDs.

* 12-15-10 Club Elite
* 12-11-10 Tradewinds
* 8-28-10 Tradewinds (double disc)
* 5-22-2010 Tradewinds (double disc)
* 4-16-2010 Plaza 23 (double disc)
* 1-23-2010 Tradewinds (double cd)

Price: $39.99
What 5-22-10 Tradewinds Direct Download! (Zip, 138 MB)
Comes on 2 cds PLAYLIST:Speeding, I'm Ready, Pocket, Wisha could nigga, How low can you go, Make dat azz clap, Drop it low, Lemonade, Alchoholic, Pocket, Loud, Wasted, Whistle part 2, Crystal Skate, Breakdown, put it on ya, Mitchell B. flow, Over, Killa Kal flow, Halle Berry, Rock n roll bounce, Feel so good, Drop the bomb, Wishing on a star, Swag surf, BONUS TRACK from 5-19-10 Legends
Price: $9.99
What 4-16-2010 Plaza 23 Direct Download! (Zip, 135 MB)
comes on 2 cds, PLAYLIST: Warmup,Come back baby, Wish u could nigga, We bottle poppin, Breakdown, Lemonade, pocket, So hard, Party mode, Dont make me break it down for nothing,O les do it,Women lie, Men lie, Rude boy, Over, Killa Kal flow, Drop it low, Money to blow,candy shop, Hit um with...., Bedrock,All the way turnt up,I cant control the feelin, Ima Be,and much more!
Price: $9.99
What 1-23-2010 Tradewinds Direct Download! (Zip, 131 MB)
comes on 2 CDs
Price: $10.99
What Band 2009 CD pack Direct Download! (Zip, 571 MB)
includes these double CD shows (11-7 is 1 CD):
What 11-21-07
What 11-07-09
What 8-29-09
What 8-19-09
What 3-27-09
Price: $28.99
What 11-21-09 Tradewinds Direct Download! (Zip, 115 MB)
comes on 2 CDs
Price: $10.99
What Band 11-7-09 Tradewinds
What Band 11-7-09 Tradewinds Direct Download! (Zip, 60 MB)
Rapper Dude's Birthday Bash PLAYLIST: Michelle singing,pocket, hands up, We goin in (Ima go hard), Thats my car, Razzle dazzle, Whistle, We run this town tonight, Want to get away, Whats your number?(Answer the phone), Rock n roll bounce, 5 star chick, rumpshaker, half n half,breakdown
Price: $8.99
What 8-29-09 Icon Direct Download! (Zip, 109 MB)
Comes on 2 CDs
Price: $8.99
What 8-19-09 Legends
What 8-19-09 Legends Direct Download! (Zip, 152 MB)
comes on 2 CDs


[Begin Michelle]Enjoy myself, Remember when, Im too fly,Love comes around, OK, wish a nigga would, We bottle poppin,Dont make me over, Ima hustler, Ima do it

[Begin Rapper Dude] Feelin like money tonight,pocket, Hands up, in the water pocket, Whats ur phone number? Rocket Rob rollout, Rock n Roll bounce,dont make me break it down for nothing,Chop n screwed, I'm an Animal,Swag n Surf,Killa Kal flow, Gucci Bandanna,Chop n Screwed bounce, We like her

Price: $8.99
20990327 What 3-27-09 Direct Download! (Zip, 133 MB)
comes on 2 CDs
PLAYLIST: warmup,Killa Kal flow,Like me, Bad(Rhiana), still gettin busy, single again,I think they like me, shake ya body, booty go pop, big sh$t poppin, hustle sh$t, turnin me out, jumping out the window, dont make me break this thing down for nothing (09 remix), Single ladies (Beyonce),stanky leg(chopped n screwed), Im a grown woman,rock n roll, and much more!
Price: $10.00
What 11-15-08 La Pearl Direct Download! (Zip, 104 MB)
PLAYLIST: Miss independent(Neyo), You dont have to worry, Get silly, Paper Chaser(TI), Swagger like jus,aye aye aye, So what(pink), Im an animal,Gucci bandanna, Fight, Single again, A-mili, Single Ladies(Sasha Fierce), Cant tell me nothing(Kanye), pop champagne, Duck walk, rumpshaker, Haters, Falsetto, pop it, roll out and more
Price: $9.00
What 8-23-08 Direct Download! (Zip, 109 MB)
double cd
Price: $10.00
What 3-5-08 Legends Direct Download! (Zip, 160 MB)
comes no multiple CDs
Price: $10.00
What 1-19-08 Le Pearl Direct Download! (Zip, 83 MB)
La Pearl PLAYLIST: Pocket,rap, im falling in love, Good life (Kanye), dip (im coming),hands up, tired of being lonely,do it do it do it, Killa Kal flow, awww sh$t, pop dat a$$, I get money, breakdown, We baller blockin, This is the way i live, What band got love for every hood, breakdown, Irreplacable, rump shaker,Cant tell me nothing(Kanye), I'm an animal
Price: $10.00
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