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   Top 10
1. A-Team Club Aqua 10-15-17
2. Junkyard 12-15-17 Nypsies
3. DJ PA Grown n Crankin Vol 1 Winter Mix 2018
4. A-Team 2-2-18 Pittsburgh
5. Backyard 9-28-17 Metro Club
6. Vybe 1-20-18 Takoma Station
7. A-Team 2-13-18 Martinis
8. Junkyard 12-22-17 Nypsies
9. Bela Dona - Winter 2017
10. Junkyard 11-17-17 Nypsies

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Newest CDs:

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Backyard - Dec 2016
Backyard - Dec 2016 Direct Download! (Zip, 175 MB)

"Still in the Game"

Double CD



Wishing, Cranes In The Sky, Keep You In Mind, Brass Monkey, Backyard Zoo, Black Beatles, Broccoli, Socket Beat, Baby Phat, 93 Dope Jam


Because I Love You,This Is 4 My Block ,The Dippa, Girls Wanna Have Fun,Team,98 Dope Jam, Hook Me Up, Unabomber, 96 Dope Jam,Skillet,Trim The Tree


Price: $9.99

More Info
What  11-19-16  Cafe Asia
What 11-19-16 Cafe Asia Direct Download! (Zip, 93 MB)
with Rapper Dude, Michelle Blackwell and Killa Cal
Price: $5.99

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