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   Top 10
1. A-Team All Starz Vol 2 Winter 2018
2. Junkard 9-28-18 Nypsies
3. Sirius Vybe 2018 Society Lounge
4. Vybe 6-22-19 Chateau
5. Team Familiar - Raw n Uncut - 3-4-18
6. Ms Kim Scooby 11-18-17 Babylon
7. Junkyard 2-22-19 Nyspies
8. Suttle Thoughts 4-25-19 La Fontaine Bleue
9. Let it Flow 4-14-19
10. Vybe 8-3-18 Colony South

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Newest CDs:

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All the most recently released CDs can be found here.

Mental Attraction 2.0  3-24-18  Nypsies
Mental Attraction 2.0 3-24-18 Nypsies Direct Download! (Zip, 62 MB)
Price: $4.99

More Info
Team Familiar  - Raw n Uncut - 3-4-18
Team Familiar - Raw n Uncut - 3-4-18 Direct Download! (Zip, Apk, 221 MB)
3 CD show
Price: $4.99
More Info
Let it Flow 4-7-18 Takoma Station
Let it Flow 4-7-18 Takoma Station Direct Download! (Zip, 128 MB)
 Double CD show
Price: $5.99

More Info
Pump Blenders  4-6-18  Union Bar n Grill
Pump Blenders 4-6-18 Union Bar n Grill Direct Download! (Zip, 103 MB)
Price: $4.99
More Info
EU  4-6-18  Fast Eddies
EU 4-6-18 Fast Eddies Direct Download! (Zip, 100 MB)
Price: $4.99
More Info
Junkyard  11-17-17   Nypsies
Junkyard 11-17-17 Nypsies Direct Download! (Zip, Apk, 134 MB)
 T-Bob Birthday show
Price: $6.99

More Info
Junkyard Buggs B Day  3-12-16  Howard Theatre CD DVD
Junkyard Buggs B Day 3-12-16 Howard Theatre CD DVD Direct Download! (Zip, Mp4, 2158 MB)
Featuring Suga Bear, Big G, Jas Funk,Big G, Weency, Tony Blunt and more!!

Live from the Howard Theatre

DVD of this show is also available,just select DVD in drop down list

Price: $8.99
More Info
Mental Attraction 2.0  3-2-18  X4B
Mental Attraction 2.0 3-2-18 X4B Direct Download! (Zip, Apk, 83 MB)
 Feat Bo and Kory of TCB
Price: $4.99

More Info
Junkyard  12-22-17   Nypsies
More Images
Junkyard 12-22-17 Nypsies Direct Download! (Zip, Apk, 136 MB)
 The crank continues
Price: $8.99

More Info
A-Team  Club Aqua  10-15-17
More Images
A-Team Club Aqua 10-15-17 Direct Download! (Zip, Apk, 230 MB)
Double Disc CD


Rapper Dude, Stomp Dogg, 32, Karen, Ms Kim, Scooby, Showtime, Freaky Tye, and Killa Cal!!

Price: $8.99
More Info
A-Team  2-2-18 Pittsburgh
A-Team 2-2-18 Pittsburgh Direct Download! (Zip, 91 MB)

Showtime, Lady K, Damila, & Stomp Dogg

Price: $7.99

More Info
Junkyard  12-15-17   Nypsies
Junkyard 12-15-17 Nypsies Direct Download! (Zip, Apk, 123 MB)
 New music, new crank!!
Price: $8.99

More Info
DJ PA Grown n Crankin Vol 1 Winter Mix 2018
DJ PA Grown n Crankin Vol 1 Winter Mix 2018 Direct Download! (Zip, Apk, 163 MB)
GoGo Mix CD

Double CD!!


1. Se7en - Rise up
2. Se7en - Pocket socket
3. All 4 u - Drop off pocket
4. Bela Dona - Be humble
5. Team Familiar - Always in my hair
6. Team Familiar - Hear no see no evil
7. Vybe - Pocket
8. What - What they really want
9.  NE Groovers - Do something
10. Project 71 - Rays boom boom room
11. Project 71 - We got lost in the smoke
12. Vybe - Good god almighty pocket
13. Suttle Thoughts - Shining pocket
14. What - Slide
15. Damixx - Pocket

Bonus Track: BOE - Magnify (gospel gogo)

Price: $9.98

More Info
Bela Dona - Winter 2017
Bela Dona - Winter 2017 Direct Download! (Zip, 100 MB)
Price: $8.97

More Info
What  11-05-17  X4B
What 11-05-17 X4B Direct Download! (Zip, Apk, 119 MB)
 Rapper B Day

Featuring Derrick of Vybe and Scooby of Lissen

Price: $8.99

More Info
What  10-19-17  Martinis
What 10-19-17 Martinis Direct Download! (Zip, 99 MB)
Price: $7.99

More Info
Da Mixx  11-18-17  Martinis
Da Mixx 11-18-17 Martinis Direct Download! (Zip, 43 MB)
 Approx 30min long
Price: $4.99

More Info
What  9-7-17  Martinis
What 9-7-17 Martinis Direct Download! (Zip, 84 MB)
Price: $8.99
More Info
Backyard  9-28-17  Metro Club
Backyard 9-28-17 Metro Club Direct Download! (Zip, 136 MB)
 Double CD show
Price: $8.50
More Info
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