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   Top 10
1. A-Team All Starz Fall 2018
2. DJ PA Grown n Crankin Vol 2 Summer 2018
3. A-Team 2-13-18 Martinis
4. Let it Flow 7-28-18 Half Note
5. Team Familiar - Raw n Uncut - 3-4-18
6. Vybe 1-20-18 Takoma Station
7. Da Mixx Band 6-16-18 Fast Eddies
8. Junkyard 12-15-17 Nypsies
9. DJ PA Grown n Crankin Vol 1 Winter Mix 2018
10. EU 7-27-18 Fast Eddies

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DJ PA Grown n Crankin Vol 2 Summer 2018

DJ PA Grown n Crankin Vol 2 Summer 2018

Direct Download! (Apk, Zip, 162 MB)

 Double CD set

These DJ PA CDs consists of singles from different bands from the summer months of 2018.

Band music included are from Backyard, Junkyard, Vybe band, All 4 You, All N band, ReaZon, Mental Attraction, Suttle thoughts, What band, Da Mixx, and more!!

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