We are in the process of consolidating our separate download and mailorder sections on our site into one.

If you are looking for CDs or DVDs to be shipped to you that are all between years 2014 to 2017, please go here:

Download and Mailorder for 2014+

(on that page you can order the newer CDs/DVDs to be shipped to you or downloaded,just choose which in the dropdown box you'll see next to each item before you add it to your cart)

If you are looking for CDs or DVDs to be shipped to you that are between the years 1977 up to 2013, please send us an email with the CDs you want to here: webhelp@papalace.com

We have to manually process mailorders for older CDs. But all you have to do is send us a list of the CDs you want, and we'll send you an order form with payment instructions via email. On average, most Cds are $10 each for mailorder (CDs are cheaper with download option and you can download any old CD we have). Shipping on average is 4-5$.

You can view the list of all the old CDs we have here:

List of older CDs for 1977-2013

At some point later on this year, we'll have all the items in one convenient place. We are sorry for the inconvenience at this time, but in the end, it will be a more easy, streamlined shopping experience for you.

We appreciate your patience during this transition.