Fire TV stick

We sell fully loaded Amazon Firesticks!!
Firestick 1080p and 4K available.

If you know what they are you can order at the bottom. If you don't know what fully loaded sticks are, then read on....

A loaded stick is basically a FireStick that has added some apps to the Amazon device. This is what enables you to get the movies and TV shows. Mainly, having a modded(fully loaded) unit is like having a real big on-demand video service, except you don't have to be subscribed to each TV/Cable channel's service to view. You are able to watch certain live TV channels, but its not exactly like having "free cable service", where you can turn to channel 500 for CNN, or 400 or HBO etc. Basically you will be able to access whatever shows are shown on those channels. You also will be able to see most sport/entertainment PPV events for free. There is no monthly fee for the content, you just need internet access at your home. You will have several different addons to use to watch TV/movies and ours will include the most popular ones.

We will warranty our sticks for 6 months of free updates (if necessary). Updates after that time will be $19.99

** We can load up yours if you have your own Firestick, FireTV, or FireCube

If you already have a Firestick, FireTV box, or FireCube, we can still load your device up to access free TV and movies. For Firesticks, they must be generation 2 and above (if your remote control does NOT have a microphone button on it, then that is 1st generation, and we can NOT do those).

We do not need your device and can do this remotely. We have an easy do-it-yourself solution. It is as simple as downloading, installing, and running an app. Just like you would any app you have on your Fire device.
So after you order, you can begin watching Free TV in minutes!!


Amazon Firestick  4K $89.99
Amazon Firestick  1080p $79.99
Load your own stick $39.99

1080p stick ships next business day
4K stick ships within 3 days
$4.99 shipping & tax will be added to total

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