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We now offer a streaming service for all our gogo media. We use the PLEX app and is available for Android and iPhones, laptops, tablets, most smart TVs from Visio/LG/Sony, Apple TV, and Android TV. This means you will have access to our entire music and video collection!! Our service is similar to Spotify and Pandora: you can listen to a random gogo radio stream, only stream your favorite band, or create your own playlist of different bands and different songs. The choice is yours!

Our gogo music collection consists of over 100 bands! You can choose from old school bands, traditional gogo bands, grown and sexy, and even bounce beat bands. All music is good quality with bitrates from a mininum of 128K CD quality up to 320k. There is no limit to streaming so you can stream all day if you want.

You will also have access to our gogo video collection.. This is not like Youtube with just short video clips, our service only offers full video from the show. Are archive of videos go from 1980's VHS footage up to 2019 digital 4K HD resolution video.

How it works:You will need the free Plex Amp app to stream the music. Just visit https://www.plex.tv/plexamp/#downloads
The monthly fee to stream from us is $9.99/month for our audio collection. If you want to add the video collection then it is $4.99/month extra. There is no limit to how long you can stream but there is a maximum limit of 1 connected stream. You can use any device  but can only connect using 1 device at a time..

The regular Plex app is also available for many smart TV sets for free, as well as free to use on Amazon FireTV/Firesticks,Nvidia Shield, Roku, PS4, XBOX, or any Android TV box. It is also free to use the app on Windows and Apple computers. You can email us  for a free trial.


PA Palace Streaming Service

Please sign up for a free Plex account first before ordering

Streaming Service
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